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the siren call of starting fresh

Technical debt is hard to measure and estimate. There are code quality metrics you can include. You can measure how long it takes you to implement new features. You can measure how long it takes you to land bug fixes. … Continue reading

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Font face and photos

One of the interesting problems we ran into when using the masonry layout on remember was the effect it had on perceived page load time. The first version naively waited for all images to load before laying out the “bricks” … Continue reading

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jsconf followup

I am consistently delayed in writing the things I want to write, so it should come as no surprise when I give my post-jsconf reflection over a month after the event itself. That said, I really wanted to get these … Continue reading

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How to use the new jQuery.sub to protect yourself from monkey-patching plugins

You may have heard that jQuery 1.5 has a rewrite of the ajax module making it easier to extend the built in functionality. You may also have heard that the change caused an issue when using the jQuery.validate plugin. This … Continue reading

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“Art and Fear” and Open Source

My wife is an artist.  If you’re curious, she is an encaustic painter, and you can follow her blog at  If you’re still here and are interested in anything I have to say, she brought home a book one … Continue reading

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