November Bunkerjs

We’ve been doing an internal JavaScript meetup once a month and there are so many great resources coming out of it, I though I’d reblog for others to see. Hope you enjoy.

It was great to see new faces at Bunkerjs this month. Next month, Alex Billingsley will be sharing some non-js-but-cool static site generation with jekyll. Also Brian Banta will be sharing about animations for beginners corner.

Beginner’s corner

This month, Joel talked about showing and hiding things. To do this you need to decide to either: completely hide, make invisible, or move off screen. You decide this based on how you want to affect accessibility and search engines (so it’s different for personal bookmarklets and production). You can use “display: none;” “visibility: hidden;” and “position:absolute;left:-9999px;” for each of the 3 respectively. Of course, with other specific needs, there are more ways to accomplish this, but these were the 3 discussed this month.


John afterward introduced the group to Docker containers and how this affects server-side JavaScript. Docker is like a virtual machine but super lightweight and flexible. Talk to John to find out what he’s been learning.

Links we discussed

new format for ios bookmark images –
There’s a new way to specify what image to use when your users add your page to their home screens

making emails stand out on google inbox –
Google has a new email client AND a new way to give users one-click actions to your service

css grid examples –
New way to layout your pages

form validation –
Styling html form validation

whats in chrome 39 –
Pretty self explana…

on web compatibility and es6 –
A good look into how important compatibility is to the web

.includes not .contains –
The thrilling conclusion

a11y examples –
Tongue in cheek intro but cool example about how to make a menu system accessible

khan archictecture discussion-
Really good example for 1. getting new users up to speed. 2. a big project’s design

chrome dev summit videos –
This is kind of like wwdc for chrome. Check out the videos to keep up with what is happening in the chrome ecosystem

source blackboxing –
Ever tried to step into a method and ended up in jQuery source doe?

w3c frame timing api –
Performance tracking

dexie –
cool looking indexedDB wrapper

css specificity graph generator –
Visually see opportunities for code reuse

aws lambda –
New platform as a service from amazon. Just upload js files to an s3 container and deployed

web sensor api –
State of the world

docker on windows –

icon fonts vs inline svg –
Comparing two methods

dat adventure –
Government data tools training

for those that validate –
it’s a little nicer

npm collection staff picks –
curated lists are valuable time savers

writing css in js –
Not a best practice today, but maybe one tomorrow? from facebook

angular 2.0 core slides ––KLmXsk/mobilepresent?pli=1&slide=id.p
Intro to angular 2.0

angular 2.0 thoughts from a teammember –
Deep dive into angular 2.0 from jesse eisenberg

the case for ember –
Enterprise dev team’s deep dive into why they chose ember as their framework of choice

polyfills as a service –
Pretty innovative service/interesting approach

super easy way to visualize us maps –
This is so awesome and easy you don’t even understand. Mind blown

regex DOS (oops) –
Security report about what happens when your regular expressions are not performant

native cache api in canary (early nov) –
Offline web apps just got better

getting to know flux –
Facebook’s architecture explained

node 0.12 on the way –

why shopify dropped their SPA framework –
More lessons learned when going all front end doesn’t make sense

good habits for accessibility –
Best practices for a11y

online node security training –
From the lift security team


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