September Bunkerjs

We’ve been doing an internal JavaScript meetup once a month and there are so many great resources coming out of it, I though I’d reblog for others to see. Hope you enjoy.

Some reviews from Bunkerjs:

“I learned something”
“This will revolutionize the way I do the blog”
*gasp* “Nice”

In beginners corner we went back to basics, talking about Inspect Element, editing css, and breakpoints
Then we showed off Google’s Karma test runner

Next month: John will share Docker

Here are all the links we discussed (there are a ton):

visual editor for 3d graphics –
Now that webgl is on ios, delivering high quality 3d graphics from the browser is available. Will we use it? Who knows, but if we have the need, here’s a tool

WebRTC take 2 –
WebRtc allows for realtime video/audio native in the web stack, but the v1 api was a Google prototype. The standards bodies are now engaging everyone to take a second pass. Lots of involvement, including Microsoft,

​PDF2svg –
Early prototype using Mozilla’s pdf.js that will convert pdf to svg natively in javscript + browser

Knockout punches – ​​
interesting plugin emphasizing knockout 3’s new binding flexibility.

Effective unit testing with AMD –
DyKnow has moved its front end code to AMD for extra flexibility and maintainability. This post describes how also to unit test our code

Just nope –
Yepnope is no more with full support behind requirejs for conditional module loading

React and web components

Fast ui animations – ​

Parallel.js –​
take advantage of all the cores on your machine

Runtime.js –​
kernel written in javascript. not practical. just cool

Ampersand.js –
&yet’s front end framework built over backbone

Authentication in angular – ​​

Make drive –
web filesystem experiment

nodebots with visual studio​

knockout parsely –
validation library

medium’s css –
workflow, process, etc they’ve done to make their css maintainable

Requiring stuff in the browser/console/visual studio

Grunt/npm/gulp/bower integration in Visual studio –​

Chrome gradient inspector –

memory management –

centering stuff in css –
– now you know

w3c spec protip –

service workers –
the future for offline web apps

​​messageformat.js –
internationalization can be tricky with pluralized messages (ex 1 user, 2 users… but in english, german, french, dutch…)

katex –
khan academy has open sourced their super fast math equation latex parser

es6 generators in v8 –

Advanced debugging with chrome –
– kind of amazing presentation

transducers in js ––A-JavaScript-Library-for-Transformation-of-Data?utm_content=buffer39c57&utm_medium=social&
– functional programming abstractions

svg animation tool –
scalable graphics. ex needing a loading animation that scales to the 3x new iphone 6

faker.js –
– library to help you generate lots of fake data that still looks and behaves like real

accessible dialogs –
from the makers of canvas lms, best practices for your blind users when using dialogs

parcelify –

new font-face spec –
for loading in custom fonts more easily

open source competitor to chromecast –

using srcset vs picture –
using the correct tool for your adaptive designs


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